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Hey just a note, I love the idea of folks adding things to or repairing my patches, I think that's hella cool and would love pictures of it.

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I'm going to be boosting a lot of images. I won't be able to be as picky as I usually am about image descriptions. If you need an image described, and you saw I boosted it, feel free to DM me about it.
While I'm at it, if anything I post or boost triggers you, or if I'm interacting with someone who has harmed you, please come to me. I'm here for you.
Yes you, specifically.

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Any time you donate to me, not only are you helping me pay my rent, but you are also allowing me to price my items at a sliding scale. As long as I am able to, I will refuse to put a set dollar amount on my items. It's kind of like perpetually being on sale. Pay-as-you-will is my preferred way of doing things, and you're helping me still retain my work value this way!

The windowsill is almost completely full of tomatoes now.

🐸 Erpétologie générale, ou, Histoire naturelle complète des reptiles
Paris: Roret, 1834-1854.

Moin!/Good morning! - Sun is up and it'll be warm again, wind E 4-5, gales 6, possibly showers or thunderstorms drifting in in the afternoon. - Time to get up and start work. But have another two #morning #roses first. Have a fine morning! #photos #garden

Hey if anyone want to support a black-run instance that is some of the best additions to the community, you'd put a bit of money here

tbh poc creators (especially queer/trans) in general: i'm an industrial designer with some fabrication gear and i work with visual and product design, if there's ever any way i can lend a hand or if you need to consult with a designer, my door's open, just send a DM

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Makȟáša Nursery & Workshop is currently focused on providing material support to the local Black community, with whom we have always coordinated our struggle for liberation and independence from the police and all those who would live through domination.

All foodstuff produced by the nursery is being immediately brought to local protesters or those who are supporting them, we are serving as a donation drop-off point, and we have set up space in the garden to provide a space for community leaders to discuss, organize, and share their love for each other.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, it is appreciated, but please redirect your attention to local inequities and provide your support to decolonizing your region.

bandcamp link, promoing myself and a friend 

my friend makes really really good ambient music n i was lucky enough to be featured on one of the tracks ><
(credited as recovery)

yall should check out her other stuff too though shes,, *really* talented

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Patreon Link 

The end of the month approaches and while i'm gonna be grumbling @ Patreon for their tax shit starting soon you can still be a patron while you can:

I'm slowly looking for some sort of alternative that's going to be hassle free for me since I only use this as sort of a boost for the beginning of the month.

But if you can give each month, then please do~

re: $$$, :boost_ok:​ 

on the flip side, if you don't wanna fuck with that I always have my paypal and cashapp links$melaninpony

Along with the food and stuff i need to get in like a week, i'm also currently almost done saving up for my switch lite (!!) that i'm gonna get as a belated b-day gift for myself

(but ofc food comes first =u=) so anything and everything is appreciated

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Consider donating to the Okra Project, a grassroots crew that fights food insecurity among black trans folks:

Here a next cropped portion of my last weeks #gouache collage.

Fullview please, because of vertical aspect ratio.

#art #mastoart #TraditionalArt #illustration

J'ai fait Mushu de Mulan !

Patron adapté de noodle dragon plush pattern de wuckajuice sur etsy

Modèle unique pour une commande personnalisée

RT appréciés !

I went for a walk today and decided to make a sketch of some old stairs and greenery nearby a small lake. I'm a bit out of practice, the water in my sketch doesn't quite look like water. Still, it's fun to be drawing again.

Painted a lunarpunk low light rubber plant today out of boredom. It was fun to do. Might make a series of lunarpunk items for stickers.

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace