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Black artists! I want to celebrate Black Culture Month by following you and boosting all your stuff and getting more eyes onto your patreons and paypals. If you know a black artist on fedi that you enjoy, please tag them!
And! Since I can't give any money right now, I'm giving my art. If you are part of the Diaspora and you find something in my shop that you like, it's free for you this month!
(Reposted for cohesiveness, please boost!)

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I'm going to be boosting a lot of images. I won't be able to be as picky as I usually am about image descriptions. If you need an image described, and you saw I boosted it, feel free to DM me about it.
While I'm at it, if anything I post or boost triggers you, or if I'm interacting with someone who has harmed you, please come to me. I'm here for you.
Yes you, specifically.

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Any time you donate to me, not only are you helping me pay my rent, but you are also allowing me to price my items at a sliding scale. As long as I am able to, I will refuse to put a set dollar amount on my items. It's kind of like perpetually being on sale. Pay-as-you-will is my preferred way of doing things, and you're helping me still retain my work value this way!

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@WeWereSeeds I cannot find the whole thing but The Rhizome as a Field of Broken Dreams is one of my favourite poems:

Sometimes, life will make you feel small or low. Ineffective, of harmful, or in the way, or just unwanted.
You must return to your stem, your spine, your bones, in these cases. You are valuable as a living thing in this world.
A flower does not worry whether its bloom is too small or too low to the ground to be seen. It simply does what it must to be what it is.
You are a small flower, so bloom anyway.

Life is uncomfortable. Growth is pain.
So choose the discomfort of looking directly at your faults.
Choose the pain to making your boundaries and your needs clear.
Choose the pain of fighting for good, because we're all in pain anyway, make it worth while.

The next one is @Pops who's work centers around connecting people to radical orgs in their area, and is the originator of and iirc. He just migrated off sbc (good for him) so give him a follow.
He recently lost his job, and needs support from the rest of us anarchists who knows what that's like:

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This week's shoutout goes to 2 very different types of radical workers:

@ArtistMarciaX not only is an admin on one of the better fedi instances and the originator of but is currently doing a lot of social work because of Us, Whites, but lbr when is she not?
Give her some help funding her PhD:

Image hidden because nudity.

It's nice when people let me paint whatever I want. A lot less pressure ^^

I can't write a proper image description in English.

"his love was so deep
it was like basking in warmth
Pure, golden warmth"


#MastoArt #CreativeToots

watching the sunbeams make their walk across the wall

dancing with the concept of a cozy afternoon

arranged on shelves, stacked, placed and waiting for some other thing to happen

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace