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my religion 

my primary deities are hel, frigg, and heimdall (in order of importance to me)

hel i see as a source of personal worth and power, frigg one of kindness love and self care (and also i have a lot of prophetic dreams and frigg weaves the threads of time), and heimdall i see as a protector of sorts

i see nature as individual beings of power depending on each aspect and venerate each in some way

although i particularly have strong attatchment to wind, water, and trees in that order

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this time by my dad shouting extremely racist shit

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im awake, again

after only sleeping an hour, again

and you never walk between many zones, you just teleport to them, from plane of knowledge

it makes the world feel like its broken up into tiny little boxes rather than the big expansive thing it really is

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the only thing that makes me pretty sad about current everquest rather than pre-planes of power everquest (and the only thing that makes me sad about planes of power, my favourite expansion)

is you never really ever go to any of the cities anymore
you only ever go to plane of knowledge


im fairly scared and distressed so im gonna close masto for a while be safe

ok lets not share videos of people getting shot

one of the everquest loading screen texts is "Making bunnies angrier..."

doin v bad and i just want to sleep but cant


the price of banded armour on aradune is massively inflated so i levelled blacksmithing myself and have been telling loads of people ill make them banded for the cost of the materials

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace