people often talk about how BIG daggerfall is but the reality is that daggerfall could just be 1 town and 1 dungeon and you walk into town and talk to 1 npc to tell you to got he the 1 dungeon but the dungeon is slightly different every time and itd be the exact same game

yea in daggerfall you can roleplay i guess but whats the point of trying to get into a character where the only things you can interact with are the same npcs who have the same lifeless dialogue

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a lot of elder scrolls nerds are incredibly obnoxious is my point basically

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ESPECIALLY when they talk about morrowind most of the time


its not
its just exposition to tell you to go get something from a dungeon nearby then come back

and all of the dialogue is that

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also daggerfall has like 10 quests btw

theyre all variations of go to dungeon and get thing

or go to a town and talk to an npc then come back

and like 90% of the time the quest is incompletable cus the thing you need spawns out of bounds or the person you need to talk to just doesnt spawn

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i think the biggest downfall of all the elderscrolls game is the loot SUCKS

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itd be so much more fun to explore random dungeons in the world if there was more randomly generated loot that actually mattered rather than like

oh hey the same iron armour everyone ever has

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even in eso the loot still kinda sucks and its an mmo but its better t han the other games still and its like just barely enough to have ok itemization

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