need help with/want to trade clothes; not trans just ex-fat; :boost_ok: 

i used to be > 300lbs but now i'm ~180 sooo that's a lot of leftover tum and manboob needing *controlled*

tight fitting stuff doesn't bother me much at all sooo PLEASE FEDi! gimme some brands and *specific products/SKUs* to Web Search for! Underarmor used to have a nice Loose (or something) lineup but the fabric changed to something squicky.

i have gently used Big Dude clothes for Free, too just slide in to my DMs


giving away masc clothes; East Coast US offer; :boost_ok: 

thanks to @red for reminding me that just 6 months ago i was struggling HARD to afford clothes. so. ANYONE on the East Coast US will get free shipping from me of whatever Big Dude clothes you want.

Pants: 34 to 38 by 32 usually, tons of variance here
tshirts/polos/Business: 3XL or 2XLT
Belts: yes
Undies: yes

my style is best described as "shitfucktrashheap" but hey its free and cotton. i'll have some pics Soon, DM me bros

hardcore capitalism ref 

credit cards were involved. it was bad. but my Credit Score went up 2 points so all's well that ends well?

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i can't believe nobody has taken me up on this offer. like it's basically an entire wardrobe. TOTALLY FREE.

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@icedquinn thank you. it took 18 months. well, 20, but i took two of them off.

and it was way easier than anyone would have us believe

@icedquinn hahahaha nah way easier: don't buy shit with added sugar. just get rid of empty calories entirely. unless the bitch has more protein than sugar i aint hearin' it.

@purple Slow carb :blobcatfingerguns:

dropped 30lbs doing that with zero exercise, but i cheat and still drink milk :blobcatdrool:

ferris also has this kettlebell swing thing. picked it up from some extreme fitness gym that trains secret servicemen. i haven't done the full 80 rep program though so i can't speak for it yet :blobcatstronk:

@icedquinn i can safely say i never once cheated on my diet ^_^

it aint cheating if you allow yourself, knowing WHY your body is demanding more. good for the mind, too. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and all.

i didn't add any sort of exercise. i was already working a job that had me walking > 4 miles a day tho. once i could run up stairs w/o falling over dead i started doing that for fun.

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