oof, i fucked up in a big way

i'm going to take some time today to write an apology, then take a break from the fediverse for a while to let wounds heal

if someone has a few minutes later to proofread the apology before i post it, that would probably be super helpful, cheers

Yeah I came to Mastodon during the August 2018 migration from Twitter. Imagine a fedi without my annoying ass. I'm sure some people dream of never having met me and those are the kinds of connections I'm here for.

did the fediverse get a lot more cheerful today or is it just me

thank god i'm so patient or i could get into trouble on this webs site

Computer Daddy Alan Turing even wrote a video game before computers had video. and before anybody had actually built a computer to play it on.

it played a basic game of chess. not very well, people good at chess could beat it once they finally built a computer to run it on. but still.

video games are gay

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@red sea horses are one of the animals that makes it apparent that sex is a social construct. who decided male/female is basically determined by "who makes the bigger gametes"

did yall know that seahorses are actually really cool??? 😭 😭 😭

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i wish there were 'decolonized mental health youtube'

that would be nice

Sometimes I look in the mirror and realize my own worst enemy is Sauron from the hobbit movies.

hot take: we should have kid-friendly pride AND also 18+ pride

hear me out

✅ twice as many prides

✅ young kids get a place where they can see and meet people from all across the rainbow, which is completely separate from...

✅ adults having a place where they can literally fuck in the streets if they want, c’mon it’s fucking pride

i can’t imagine another example where the totality of a human’s existence is expected to fit such small singular confines, so why on earth do we do that with pride

I haven't seen a new user on fedi in years, I don't know where you all see these users and constant "twitter migrations" and so far am convinced you are all just making up imaginary new friends.

fucked up how Alan Turing, Computer Daddy, would've fit in around here

apparently he wouldn't shut up about how gay he was, and mentioned it in casual conversation

in 1936 he invented a computer that, get this, can do everything any computer built since then could do. everything. yes, it can mine bitcoin. yes, it can run Doom. it could run all of Amazon's backend. just very slowly, of course.

Computer Daddy was hella gay

adhd plus depression feels like having ten million things to do and they're all urgent and they're all meaningless

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace