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we're a community dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals, eroding kyriarchal power structures, and building the best world(s) we can collectively imagine

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We should be paying workers more. We should be labeling hate groups as terrorist organizations. There should be more policy to restore marginalized groups that have been tormented by centuries of discriminatory policies and violence. We should be giving Natives their land back.

None of these ideas are radical. It's just common sense if we want a healthy nation.

We've just been conditioned to believe the toxic bullshit we exist in is normal.

And it's not. It's nowhere close to normal.

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Characters in movies who “just need somewhere cheap to lay low for a while” frequently seem to find vastly better accommodation than my actual apartment

imagining that I am now an indoor cat and so I must provide myself with all the things I give our cat to enrich her indoor life. gotta have a real consistent feeding schedule, open windows, different places to sit, opportunities to move around, fun activities, cognitive challenges, some proper hygiene, and ofcourse cuddles

So sick of men acting like they're entitled to be handled with kidgloves whenever they saunter past women's boundaries and then getting angry and aggressive if you stand up to them.
Just sick of men in general tbh


i will post anthrax to one of my lucky followers using domestic and/or international mail services!

- You MUST be following me and RT this post
- Tag your friends for more entries!!
- You CANNOT request that the anthrax is sent to any other address than your own


is this a look? i think this might be a look. (ootd selfie)

r slash relationships: my vers husband wont stop saying "started as a bottom now we here" when i let him top

first pic of me on my new account! im blue hermit crab (selfie, no ec, boosts if u like my hair!)

i did some very scientific research, and it turns out all trees are gay.

i would say that scorn is my primary mode of engaging with art, yes

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace