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some people act like its weird there are "suddenly" so many words to describe gender and sexuality as if those entire topics of expression haven't been violently suppressed and erased for millennia

what's weird is we're still only using this repressed baby language instead of a robust and nuanced wordset developed over millennia of open conversation and inclusive cultural growth

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‘crossdressing’ is the creamy sauce i pour on a big bowl of crucifixes i eat every morning

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are you at a computer with a keyboard? would you play this quick browser game about two gay ducks who are in love

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reminder from your local pacifist: “violence against inanimate objects” is a fake idea perpetuated by white supremacist patriarchy to cast aspersions on activists and protesters

there is not a pane of glass on this planet more important than your civil rights


when you love gran's pecan pie more than you value her life

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i’m so glad everyone visiting with their families for the holidays will get a chance to see their relatives one last time before their relatives die of the covid they get from everyone visiting with their families this holiday season

terfs, shootpost 

people who use the term 'autogynephilia' are allogynephobic

is there a different term for when people cover each other with flecks of spittle bc they're talking in close proximity without masks on, or is it still called bukkake

a womens' prison populated entirely by tatiana maslanys in,

orphan is the new black

(this joke would have been very funny in 2013)

i wasn't planning on spending my time on a project such as this one, but by gosh i might if no one else does

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a lot of binary/cis people genuinely don't understand that all of those people exist, that all of those people know they all exist, and that they're all friends

i am frequently hearing comments from binary/cis people (or from nonbinary people who only recently came to terms with their nonbinary identity) revealing their ignorance about this stuff. it would be awesome to have something accessible and approachable to point to, something they might actually enjoy and learn from at the same time

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these are just examples, i'm not attached to this specific cross-section of character profiles

the plot can be about anything, i guess. i just really want a piece of media that shows a variety of people who are all overtly, canonically nonbinary, with their identities representing different facets of what nonbinary can mean

also none of them are villains (sorry, nothing against villains) and none of them are alien/robot/monster/etc-coded (sorry, nothing against aliens/robots/monsters/etc)

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there's something i want to will into existence (or find, if it already exists)

basically it's a piece of accessible media, preferably with a visual component (comic/animation/film/etc.); i'm calling it "all of these people are nonbinary"

the main characters are an agender/genderless person, an aporagender person, a bigender/genderqueer person, and a couple of nonbinary people who don't identify with labels other than nonbinary...

five guys
burgers, fries
this is the way
democracy dies
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i want to change my irl legal name to something infuriating like a drag name or the type of name you trick someone to say out loud in a crank phone call


if i was a drag king my name would be wyatt genocide

i was thinking about this again today for some reason, and trying to pinpoint why i was so furious with the media team (apart from the obvious reasons)

i think it's bc advertising is the only form of media people in this country are guaranteed to see

advertising is shoved in peoples' faces, generally against peoples' specific interests. so when adverts carry toxic messages, it's a very aggressive form of media pollution

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institutional racism 

one time at an old job i was responsible for choosing which project got highlighted in some promotional videos. naturally i chose a developer whose project would showcase the best and who'd give the best interview. the dev happened to be one of the only PoC at an extremely white institution

i later found out the media team went behind my back and roped in an additional dev who'd contributed relatively less to the project, and turned the promo into a white savior narrative

the phrasing of the gnu affero license states “you may not impose any further restrictions” to use/reuse

but a soul bond isn’t a restriction, it’s simply a major indelible fixture to your spiritual essence, eternal and unchanging, a part of the very fabric of your being

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most copyleft licenses prevent you from limiting reuse. if you develop a fork of mastodon, for example, you can’t add a “no nazis” license restriction. nazis are legally guaranteed the right to take your work and reuse it for their own ends

this is why i’m adding a spiritual contract to all of my projects — by reusing or creating derivative works, you declare a permanent and irrevocable soul bond to the ideals trans rights are human rights, black lives matter, land belongs to native peoples,…

me: capitalism is a scam, wealth is unjust, and success has zero correlation to importance 🙂

also me: i refuse to accept support or assistance from anyone and i refuse to interrogate why i’m like this 🙃

as a pacifist i think there are a lot of ways an end to war would benefit the planet, but high on the list is making men’s rights activists stop trotting out that one statistic about wartime casualties

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace