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some people act like its weird there are "suddenly" so many words to describe gender and sexuality as if those entire topics of expression haven't been violently suppressed and erased for millennia

what's weird is we're still only using this repressed baby language instead of a robust and nuanced wordset developed over millennia of open conversation and inclusive cultural growth

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‘crossdressing’ is the creamy sauce i pour on a big bowl of crucifixes i eat every morning

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are you at a computer with a keyboard? would you play this quick browser game about two gay ducks who are in love

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reminder from your local pacifist: “violence against inanimate objects” is a fake idea perpetuated by white supremacist patriarchy to cast aspersions on activists and protesters

there is not a pane of glass on this planet more important than your civil rights

just bc you think the u.s. empire is bad doesn’t mean it’s dying

throughout history people just like us have recognized the evils and ills of the u.s. empire. spoiler alert: while remarkable, their movements have been perpetually steamrolled by the overwhelming forces of nationalism and propaganda

even if we truly are the magical generation unlike all before us, and the empire will finally crumble, we can at least end it with a whimper of liberalism rather than a bang of fascism


this isn’t a hot take bc it’s just factually true, but it’s probably gonna rile some folks so buckle up

conflict without oppression doesn’t count as *****ism or *****phobia

people disagree with me and call me a huge bitch all the time, but only like half of those cases are *because* i’m trans/femme/disabled/etc and only like half actually perpetuate transphobia/misogyny/ableism/etc

when two people go at it, sometimes it’s just drama and if you intervene that’s probably just white-knighting

like rbg was a person, flaws and all. some of y’all are just macabre

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if aliens came to earth and only saw leftists they would probably side with the right sight-unseen bc like “they couldn’t possibly be worse than this”

the other day i thought about having money and it gave me the same feeling as when i was a kid and my brother would throw live snakes at me so they would land on my shoulder/neck and bite my hands when i tried to get them off

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i’d like to medically transition at some point though, so that might be difficult. i might have to make an exception to collect enough rabbit skulls (or whatever we’re using for currency post-apocalypse) to pay a chirurgeon

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i think i’ve basically taken a vow of poverty. not like a super hardcore one, just like “i don’t want to aspire to work for more than minimum wage, i’d rather fight to make the minimum wage liveable” type of deal

headcanon: heather by conan grey is written from the perspective of jolene, singing about dolly’s character (heather)

i never had to ban anyone from bc everyone on this website was a total kitten

but i spent a lot of time thinking about what i *would* do if someone behaved badly enough to warrant it

contemporary instances have a ‘migration’ feature which lets people move to a different instance

if someone broke a rule on m.h that was more subjective, my plan was to ‘banish’ them by locking their account and saying like “you have two weeks to migrate before your account gets deleted”

“i was railing against the dems before it was cool”

didn’t the country suffer half a century of creeping fascism which played off a populist distaste for the only viable non-fascist political party?

“well um,,,”

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people whining about the dems right now — history won’t remember you as “wrong” per se, it’ll remember you as extremely petty in the face of abject fascism

does anyone have advice on “professionalism” and like “how to get a job” and “how to succeed under capitalism” that isn’t just repackaged ableism/racism/classism/cisnormativity?

i don’t need the advice i just need more people to reflect on the question

dumping on racism/transphobia/ableism/etc is always good bc if those things disappeared overnight the world would instantly become a better place

dumping on liberalism is often dubious bc if liberals disappeared overnight the result would be virtually-unopposed fascism in places like the u.s.

like everyone loves dumping on liberals but some of y'all are doing a sloppy job of it

oh my gee

she's enlisted her sister's help and now her sister is biting one of the tiny lower branches and tugging on it

like this has zero percent chance of success but honestly i'm impressed by their initiative

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my dog is biting a tree

she's putting her head sideways and trying to grip her little maw around a tree about as thick around as a melon

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace