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someone who is good at harddisks please help me budget this. my phone is dying

S/O to the person at the café today who very loudly declared "trans women are women" ✨:flag_transgender:

Greetings white people

a) read this thread
b) only read it; do not bother thrm about it
c) if you bother them about it, you're singling yourself out to be blocked

"meritocracy" my ass, it's about whose ass you can kiss and what hookups your dad can afford

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I just saw a headline that asked 'Can San Francisco be Saved?' as if it got hit by a natural disaster and not just the impunity of greedy white folks trying to cash in at the expense of a beautiful city.

Native Bay folks have been shouting what the problem has been for a long time now, even as tech workers who benefit from that industry flee the city.

But once again, we have white folks unwilling to do the sensible thing, so now it's a CRISIS.

Nah, it's just white people being white.

i can't wait for bernie to get elected president i can complain about his flaws without subjecting the country/world to fascism for another four years

cursed, dicks, beautiful 

@red The teaching that everyone is the same and that differences are things to be ignored rather than embraced misses the point. If we can't learn to see differences and appreciate them then we can never work together without feeling shame. To enjoy the wonders of people in all their complexity and in how they are not like oneself is to be at home in this world.

people who think that “gender neutrality” (i.e. suppression of gender) is a silver bullet to achieving gender equality and inclusivity are the same caliber brain genius as those who think fanatical evangelical atheism is the key to world unity

the punishment for falling in love with someone off the internet is getting to read their posts

sometimes i think about having kids but other times it makes more sense for my spirit to exit my body at the moment of death and go inhabit a frolicking woodland creature

elon musk's fortune was made by his parents with the blood of black people from south africa and with the blood of his workers in America, he is nothing but a vile piece of shit and i'm floored by the sheer number of people praising him let alone acknowledging his stolen technological achievements as his own. he's definitely around the top of my list of personalities I want to see assassinated

some folk run on direct current trans energy and transition in one direction, whereas others run on alternating current trans energy and shift periodically

hello gay bowser!

nice of you to join me for tea gay bowser!

so long gay bowser!

liberals idea of coexisting with people who have different views is "my husband is a racist republican who eats nothing but raw beef, while I am a die hard green party supporter" meanwhile leftists are over here like "my friend is a Trotskyist and I am a council communist. let's just say we have agree NOT to talk about the revolutionary shinmin of 1929-1931 ever again!

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace