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we're a community dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals, eroding kyriarchal power structures, and building the best world(s) we can collectively imagine

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bro this is not a place of honor bro uts a not this is nuclear waste repository bro this isnt ancient treasure not a place of honor this will not givve you anything of value just avoid it i swear bro just leave it please bro this is nucl this is nuclear waste repository not ancient treasure ancient treasure is more gilded bro this is going to cause danger to the body there is nothing sacred

schrodinger’s saved by the bell 

Zack Morris/ Zach Morrisn’t

staying on my bullshit bc i don't know how to apologize without randos thinking it's ok to @ me

fav my posts

(people fav the post)

no that's too much. i'm muting it

i'm not usually one to take screenshots, but i just took the juiciest screenshot

thank heavens i'm a lady of upstanding character or i would burn the fedi to the ground right now

pro-tip: you can softblock someone even if they don't follow you and it will get their mentions out of your notifications column

i have never been woke, i stumble through life in a terrifying fever dream

i'm trans and nonbinary, but my distaste for the u.s. medical establishment far outweighs my desire to medically transition. so instead i prefer to use external gendered signifiers like clothing and accessories and cosmetics

but if i (or someone like me) tries to tell you that HRT and GRS are bad or unnecessary for other people, it is your moral duty and obligation to punch me directly in the face, spit on me, and kick me until i cry

that would be such a shitty thing for someone to say

kicking a few bits of concept around wrt ADHD as passive psi defense

hostile telepath: "yes, Commander. strike order confirmed. i got her in my mind's eye. gimme a sec… augh! what the hell? i can't… there's… nothing coherent… shit, i lost her! it was like trying to read a library fed thru a leafblower! Commander, hard target, i repeat, hard target, bad feedback, i think i'm bl– yep. requesting Medical. god. how does she even function like that?"

me, unaware: *having a normal one*

at least half the people who got on my ass earlier are people who i have literally never once seen speak up about accessibility and improving accessibility

please politely fuck off with your tone policing. if you think you can do it better, then fucking do it better

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special shoutout to everyone who got in my mentions to let me know i don't deal well with people getting in my mentions 🙌

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incredible that we let the French get away with calling male perfume 'toilet water'

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace