fun fact, anyone can talk about magic the gathering by just making up a bunch of bullshit. there's too many,,, no one can prove you're bluffing

the problem with goblin aggro in the current micro extended format is the curving on multicolor commitments and how badly it's countered by tempo in the meta

see? it's impossible to prove whether *i* don't know what im talking about or *you* don't

@red hold on i need to post an anonymous ask on mark rosewater’s tumblr

@red I haven't played MTG in 17 years and right now I'm glad.

@red I've wanted to try it out again but my cards are so old they're useless

@estoricru every few years i'll dabble again bc friends are playing it and every time i end up spending way too much on new cards 🤑

@red I did that off and on for a few years with Hearthstone but I finally broke that one. It helped that my partner also stopped paying.

@estoricru @red I was fortunate in that the MtG I fell in love with was a very different game from the mainline and decades long meta. I had a couple well loved Portal sets that ignored like half the rules of proper Magic, but you could shuffle any two colors together and have a reasonably balanced deck for a decent half hour or less HS cafeteria game.

I know just enough Magic to pretend like I know how to play “real” Magic, but not enough I want to.

@red i am viscerally angry because i know you’re correct

@Sapphicgiraffic in the future every individual friend group will have their own competitive meta complete with pro tour

@red as a non-mtg player, the first time i saw this i thought it was just a dead serious mtg post, skimmed, tried to read the middle paragraph, gave up and scrolled past

@red as a non magic player i can confirm I cannot tell the difference in the slightest

@red id believe you tbh if i didn't know that micro extended was a future future league experiment at wizards of the coast that didn't pan out because of turnover between the magic and d&d divisions left it without a creative lead, and so it never got released to the public as an official format

@red what? no, the artifact from graveyard gambit disproved the strategy as tournament viable ages ago, come on

@efi @red They promised to fix this in the addendum to the Core 2020 set, but we all know how that goes. In any case, none of these cards will be tournament-legal by 2022, so the problem will take care of itself.

@red Gosh, this is too real! :blobcatsip:
I do enjoy the game but I have zero regrets about getting rid of all my cards a few years ago.

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