fun fact, anyone can talk about magic the gathering by just making up a bunch of bullshit. there's too many,,, no one can prove you're bluffing

the problem with goblin aggro in the current micro extended format is the curving on multicolor commitments and how badly it's countered by tempo in the meta

see? it's impossible to prove whether *i* don't know what im talking about or *you* don't

@red hold on i need to post an anonymous ask on mark rosewater’s tumblr

@Sapphicgiraffic in the future every individual friend group will have their own competitive meta complete with pro tour

@red as a non-mtg player, the first time i saw this i thought it was just a dead serious mtg post, skimmed, tried to read the middle paragraph, gave up and scrolled past

@red as a non magic player i can confirm I cannot tell the difference in the slightest

@red id believe you tbh if i didn't know that micro extended was a future future league experiment at wizards of the coast that didn't pan out because of turnover between the magic and d&d divisions left it without a creative lead, and so it never got released to the public as an official format

@red what? no, the artifact from graveyard gambit disproved the strategy as tournament viable ages ago, come on

@efi @red They promised to fix this in the addendum to the Core 2020 set, but we all know how that goes. In any case, none of these cards will be tournament-legal by 2022, so the problem will take care of itself.

@red Gosh, this is too real! :blobcatsip:
I do enjoy the game but I have zero regrets about getting rid of all my cards a few years ago.

@red hmm i know what some of these terms mean but i have absolutely no idea whether they can actually be strung together in that particular sentence

@red i think tempo can't really be described as a counter, since it means something like "turn advantage" and isn't really a tactic you can choose in response to your opponent's moves

but it's entirely possible that there are ways to give yourself more tempo in magic in order to counter specific strategies, which i don't know about, because this game is the baffling

@00dani @red there are absolutely tempo decks that are best described that way instead of as aggro or midrange; they tend to back up a suite of cheap efficient creatures with powerful removal and countermagic so that they can stall midrange decks while they push through the last points of damage in the early game!

@velexiraptor @red well there you go, that demonstrates the point exactly :blobcatblep:

@00dani @red fwiw im being entirely truthful here, my knowledge might be rusty but i sunk too much of my life into this game to not jump into convos about it unprompted :blobcatblep:

@velexiraptor @00dani haha before you mentioned it, i was wondering to myself if tempo isn’t a viable archetype these days?? on the one hand, the competitive formats like standard shift so constantly it takes a huge amount of dedication to keep up, but on the other hand they always seem to cycle back around to some of the classic meta matchups that have been around for decades now

@red @00dani delver tempo is always gonna exist in some format imo, it's like a cockroach

i played mostly pauper competitively and tempo is absolutely bonkers there because all the good creatures are super cheap and tiny but you get access to fantastic removal like bolt and counterspell and all the 2 mana black kill spells, and draw is pretty great too because lots of those 1 mana scry cantrips are at common

@velexiraptor @red @00dani I believe Bant spirits, a deck that plays disruptive flash creatures, is top tier in pioneer right now

@Aleums @red @00dani well there you go!

also in pauper you have the extra thing where all the good answers to tempo don't exist in the format, the kind of midrange creatures that let you play catch-up after they've run out of steam are all rare, same with the tax effects that cut their mana efficiency in half, and the combos that can race them not only need v specific cards that aren't at common but also have been disincentivised by wizards for a long time now (much to my chagrin)

@velexiraptor @red @00dani in pauper, if you want a midrange fatty that can slow the game down to a crawl you have to jump through ridiculous hoops like assembling urzatron and ephemerating rhinos

@Aleums @red @00dani
...ur trying to be sneaky there i see what ur doing! ephemerate is uncommon and siege rhino is rare! neither are legal in pauper and therefore while it's a great tactic to absolutely blowout a tempo deck in, say, modern or canadian highlander, its impossible in commons-only formats! stick to summoning crushers off urzatron

@velexiraptor @red @00dani your number one enemy playing this deck is the round clock

@Aleums @velexiraptor @00dani i love decks that, when i look at them, i can not possibly imagine a win condition

open for the win condition (long) 

@red @velexiraptor @00dani but honestly I think this is a case where you play ghostly flicker on mnemonic wall and dinrova horror multiple times a turn for several turns in a row, completely wiping out their board and hand and then attacking them at your leisure

open for the win condition (long) 

@Aleums @velexiraptor @00dani hahaha ugggggh the look on your opponents face when they have an empty board and seven cards in hand on turn 37 😭😭😂

open for the win condition (long) 

@red @Aleums @00dani have i introduced you to my oldest masterpiece, the 60-card battle of wits deck

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@Aleums @red @00dani oh No

alara block why

props to whoever scraped the barrel for this one

@Aleums @red @00dani also boros monarch (or, ok, boros vehicles because i don't play good variants of good decks i play awful homebrew piles that do a bad impression of being good decks) is such a fun time

@velexiraptor @red @00dani the best decks are the ones that break the rules (RW drawing cards)

@red so, my boyfriend is a magic judge and i shared this with him


BF, [21.02.20 09:48]
Completely untrue, every niche group has jargon and it’s to some extent a shibboleth.

BF, [21.02.20 09:48]
I’m sure they are joking, because “micro extended format” is meaningless.

BF, [21.02.20 09:49]
Also goblin aggro isn’t in any meta right now to my knowledge, and goblins aren’t multicolored, they’re red.

BF, [21.02.20 09:49]
In theory, aggro could be a bad matchup with tempo, but at that point they are just throwing random words together.

@red in conclusion, i think you're right but wotc is gonna try to silence you

@red I've never heard of a "micro extended" format, but the rest of the sentence is coherent . . . at least at face value. What card could be important enough to Goblin aggro for it to dip outside of mono-Red???

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