@red Added to the list of things I thought were some ancient ritual but is actually just a boomer meme that lived too long. But at least it鈥檚 black and gay

@red high fives being that recent of an invention is the weirdest part of this for me

@ben @red Yeah. It might be the first recorded in a way that's survived until now, but it seems exceedingly unlikely that it actually was the first time anyone did it

@forteller @red even if it's just the first recorded high five, it's still really recent compared to what I would have imagined

@ben @forteller half a century from now people will be having this exact same conversation but it will be about dabbing instead

@red @forteller I sure hope dabbing doesn't stick around that long

@red @forteller high-fiving is so versitile whereas dabbing is just breaking your own nose or not breaking your own nose

@red @ben @forteller i must ask, have you dabbed in the two months since making this post?

(Check under origins)

"The high five originated from the low five, which has been part of African-American culture since at least World War II"

Let's give credit where it is due.

@red s'why i insist on them all the time from everyone for no reason

@red also apparently this was maybe an evolution of the "low five" which had existed since at least the '20s

@red this is tots so awesome. also i canna believe the high five is so young!

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