some people act like its weird there are "suddenly" so many words to describe gender and sexuality as if those entire topics of expression haven't been violently suppressed and erased for millennia

what's weird is we're still only using this repressed baby language instead of a robust and nuanced wordset developed over millennia of open conversation and inclusive cultural growth

@red and like, not like there weren't words before? uranian, invert, etc

@red the patriarchy is continually at war with queer history to make it seem like each generation somehow invented not being straight from nothing

@esvrld @red what it,was better before? But that would suggest that history is not a linear improvement from caves to utopia, which opens the possibility that the current system is not the best thinkable at the moment!?

Blasphemy. Nuke the entire site from orbit.

@esvrld @red if it's not taught in public school or pop culture it risks dying with each generation.

Watching King of the Hill, they were normalizing gender transition in what, 2003? Not to mention the 60s happened?

@red “repressed baby language” is a great expression, appropriate for so many occasions

@red this this this! I once talked to my dad about ancient and present cultural space for trans ppl outside Europe. He was sincerely surprised. Especially being Latinx, it saddens me to think what we could've had irt nuanced gender language and practice without the repression of global indigenous peoples

@red totally agree. Saying “non-binary” is the best thing I’ve got right now and it merely expresses that there’s a whole universe of possibilities other than M/F without providing any useful detail.

is there a list of these words, somewhere on the internet?
or are we still in baby language phase?

@StroomAfwaarts probably both 😅 i think lot of the language we use to describe these things still sounds a bit scientific and clunky (rather than colloquial and casual). but if you search around the web you can at least find articles/wikis/etc that people are writing to explore these realms

@red but in more recent history especially, Hitler burned a huge mass of gender research. it was the first book burning.

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