is there a way to filter someone’s @ out of the tl? some popular jackass has me blocked and i’m tired of seeing floating fragments of conversation mentioning them

@red i'd like this as a feature but also have the option to keep it in there in case i wanted to see if any mufos were associating with known abusers

@red yep! legit just put the whole handle in your filter list. it's glorious

@MmeLibertine oh thank god this worked. at first i thought it didn't but i guess the app just needed to refresh 🙏 😭

@red @MmeLibertine Yeah there’s and @ I added to my filter list for that same reason. They blocked me and I got tired of seeing replies to them or their alts in my timeline. Almost need a federated mute to take alts into account 🤔

@red can u block em back? sounds silly but i got a feelin it might work

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