some people claim that well-established straight white dudes' careers are destroyed over "social justice" backlash. not typically -- dudes tend to remain comfortably wealthy

then when a marginalized individual fails to perfectly represent every unique aspect of the human experience, they're subjected to "the same" negative consequences, except, big difference: they actually suffer economic damages

it's hypocrisy, cowardice and bullshit. it's enabled by "progressives" and it has to fucking stop

like, sure, people from marginalized groups are capable of fucking up. obviously

but there's a huuuge difference between a straight white dude who just throws down for a rabid pr team and a struggling individual who is genuinely trying to better themselves

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@red ppl care about optics and optics only

their material reality won't change

theres a dude #onhere who talks abt being like, next in line to be a chief for a tribe that he can't remember the name of BUT he also knows that he can't look like he's cozy or be 'called' a bigot or racist.

'i can't have that on me'

not 'what did i do wrong?'

and he's not the only one

@ArtistMarciaX oooof 🙄

ya i've been sitting on this toot for a while bc there are probably tragically many counter examples, and hell if they need any favors

it just gets me down seeing people who could be allies eating each other like an angry ouroboros while the kyriarchy doesn't barely flinch ☢️

its tough to tell who's who. which why i'm so grateful to have a network of accounts on here who i know are looking out. like lifeguards! 🏊 🌞

@red @ArtistMarciaX

I'm always struck by the dead silence which follows when people complain about "P.C." like it's this new thing, and I point out that it's been a subject of arguments since the first fish crawled out of the sea and onto land. :P

@red the average straight white dude can't just hire a pr team

@mewmew ya i did specify i'm talking about the well-established ones

but also, pr is for people who need damage control. it's not a substitute for actually wanting to do better

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