are you at a computer with a keyboard? would you play this quick browser game about two gay ducks who are in love

i strongly recommend playing it 2P with your favorite gay partner (duck or otherwise), but you can play 1P with two hands in a pinch

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@bclindner haha thank you, i'm very happy with how it turned out, for a 24-hr project 😇

@red the spinning ones on either side you just have to narrowly squeak through. went back and made it through.

I am finding myself wondering how many levels there are/my completion rate

@hope ah yeah i'm not proud of that level, the one with the big spinning things. it was a cheap idea, and it has more bad feeling than good. sorry 😭

oh noooooo, i haven't seen that happen before. for what it's worth... [spoiler] 

@hope you made it to the last level, and you solved like 99% of the final puzzle! 🏆

oh noooooo, i haven't seen that happen before. for what it's worth... [spoiler] 

@red thank you! I just failed to get the duck out of the way before the last piece came down so he was under the bumper, and then when I tried to slide it back to get him out, this happened.

@red Enjoyed it right up until I got stuck at the one where the other person got stuck. Super cute, glad I played.

@red I just saw that you made this in 24 hours, which is very impressive.

@sexybenfranklin aww thank you! it was a collaborative effort of a bunch of progressively-more-sleep deprived folk, and a labor of love 😆 💫

spoiler but not spoiler? 

@red i played til i completed the "upside down" level, during which i shouted "oh my god, the duck died!" and even though it didn't, i can't handle that sort of threat to characters i've grown to love

@red :hacker_c::hacker_o::hacker_m::hacker_p::hacker_l::hacker_e::hacker_t::hacker_e::hacker_d:

In retrospect i wouldn't have got it all clear if roast ducks were for real. Thank you all for making a non-anxiety-reigning game.

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