Dear #Fediverse #admins, here's a poll for you! Completely hypothetically, if #Facebook and #birdsite implemented #activitypub, would you be inclined to allow them to federate with your instance?

Yes, I appreciate that "it depends" and "it's complicated" (it really really is!). But please 🐻 with me, I'm just curious about your gut feeling about this. :blobcatcoffee:


A lot of users came from FB/birbsite *because* they weren't comfortable with the way that these companies were exploiting their data

How big of a fuck-you to those users who trusted you would it be to gift-wrap all their data again and hand it back to the exact organizations that they intentionally left?


@bgcarlisle @rysiek i agree what the sentiment, but if your look at the absurd lengths a lot of these companies go to to scrape data, there is zero chance defederating from their main instance would stop them from accessing fedi users’ data. if that’s what they wanted they’d just setup some innocuous other instance and scrape from there. (i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already doing so)

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