if you support digital piracy but not high-seas piracy you’re not a radical you’re just a pampered hipster millennial, don’t @ me

wow looks like this one cut close to the bone. lotta cops today

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@red We're talking historical ✔️ AND current ✔️ high seas piracy, right?

@jfml oh hell yeah

if people think refusing to pay a struggling indie musician is good, but plundering one of amazon’s freight ships is bad, like... c’mon

@red Can I @ you to tell you that that's a good take? 😅

@spacekookie haha thank you i appreciate the courtesy and your good opinion 🙏

@red one of them is the important kind of piracy

the other is completely made up and presupposes buying into one of the worst deluded fictions mankind ever created

(to be clear, that last noun phrase refers to "intell*ctual" "pr*perty")

@carcinopithecus believing in intellectual property is even worse than believing in property bc it introduces the pseudoscience of "intelligence" into the equation

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