for everyone asking about where to find this sticker, the artists just added a new batch on their store:

proceeds go to transtech social 🌈🌈

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@queerfrog it was a limited print by an independent artist of unknown identity, unfortunately. if i find out more i’ll update the thread ✌️

class Gender:
def __nonzero__(self):
return False

@red wouldn't boolean be True or False gender? In that case I would agree to a False Gender case (gender as a false concept).

@emma the tragedy of the day is no one seems to know the origin, or whether more will ever get printed 😭

@HCyclop this looks the same, but i don’t know if this is the person who created it originally??

@red @HCyclop The stickers on that site aren’t cut with rounded corners, I noticed 🤔

@zigg @HCyclop oh awesome! i guess this batch are just a bit different 👏🌈🌈

Still asking myself, do i get it because i have not enough to do with programming or is it a Language problem (which can also relate to programming xD )
But yeah... i don't get it D:

explaining the joke 

@fuyuhikodate my understanding is, in some languages you can just treat one data type like another if an implicit conversion exists, for example you could treat an integer as a boolean bc integers are fairl simple, (zero equals false, nonzero equals true). the joke is, some people think gender only has two values, so they might attempt to treat it as boolean, however gender is far more nuanced. it would be like treating a quaternion as a boolean, hence the error

explaining the joke 

Damn... That was an xkcd Level of joke.🤯
Lovin it and thanks :)

@red That's Amazing and I don't even know programming, lol!

@red I need one of these that's like an AssertionError for binary trans creatures

@david a friend shared it with me but here’s the link to the artists’ store page. they put up a new batch just the other day

@red I don't know shit about how computers work, what does this mean?
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