the only thing i hate more than incrementalism is when people claim the marginal gains of incrementalism are somehow Actually Bad™

yeah capitalism exists, but women still deserve equal pay

yeah the empire sucks, but people of color getting elected to public office is still a step in a better direction

when you deride this stuff as meaningless, you’re basically telling marginalized folk to “shut up and stay oppressed until the revolution”. which, if that’s your message, fuck your revolution

@red referring to the state as "the empire" is extremely badass and i am going to start doing it constantly

@soymilk haha right?? it’s completely factual and it feel better to say

@red I am now thinking of Emma Goldman who wanted a revolution she can dance to.

@red Please tell me you made this for me so I can feel touched. <3 <3 <3

(No jokes aside, I really do love DDR. Now I know why.)

@JordiGH haha yes i put a great deal of effort into it 💪 😅 glad you like it

@red I hope it lives long and prospers on the internet.

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