reminder from your local pacifist: “violence against inanimate objects” is a fake idea perpetuated by white supremacist patriarchy to cast aspersions on activists and protesters

there is not a pane of glass on this planet more important than your civil rights

there is more than enough housing in america for every person to be off the streets, yet we still have involuntary homelessness

“violence” isn’t burning down a police station; violence is enforcing an economic system which intentionally deprives people of what they need to live

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the police are instrumental in enforcing systemic violence, not to mention all the direct violence they commit against people of color

so when your white cis friend says they “just wish there was less violence” tell them to fill up a few cans of gasoline and meet you down at the local precinct

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@red There's more than enough food too, as evidenced by how much is being burned and left to rot because the workers that harvest it simply won't/can't come into work due to the capitalist class' unwillingness to provide them with proper safety measures.

@red Something I've consistently heard as a sum-up in this vein:

"Those businesses have insurance. All that shit can be replaced. Lives can't."

@red This is holy grail information that everyone needs to know, that our societies have a twisted description of what is violent. So much so that people can't see that denying a human resources to live isn't okay. In many ways we're manipulated, our free will not respected, because we're so restricted that we have no choice but to consent to this treatment.

@red especially when its broken a 1312 larping as a cartoon anarchist

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