now that i have a steady internet connection again, i’m thinking of bringing back with some marathon charity streams to benefit black lives matters and the protests. we’d probably be reading the broken earth trilogy by NK Jemisin

is that something people would be interested in?


it'd be magical if *everyone* could be out on the streets protesting *every* night. but people need to rest and recuperate now and then

so i will be marathon live-streaming to raise donations for Black Lives Matter and The Bail Project, focusing on the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin 🌋

tonight we'll be doing a pre-stream, reading some short stories. tomorrow we'll kick off the marathon proper

we're live now! get in here :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

this is happening now! i'm gonna commit to at least a 24-hour stream for the first leg of the marathon. if we get enough donations i might push it to a 36-hour stream or longer. we'll see how it goes :boost_ok:

come join us as we raise donations for Black Lives Matter and The Bail Project, and dive into the groundbreaking world of the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin 🌋

it's Black, it's queer, it's revolutionary. what more could you want


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We Finished The First Book 🤓 📚 🎉 🏆

it only took a little over 15 hours

we're starting on the second book The Obelisk Gate. there's a *chance* we'll finish it before the end of stream tomorrow, but there's also a chance i'll just pass out first 😵 💤

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@red How'd you like it? I was actually kinda so-so on the first one, but I thought the series got a lot better as it went along.

minor spoilers 

@srol i loved the first book for the narrative structure, bc the polyam representation, and bc it was just relentless with driving across its message (among other reasons)

for me personally the second book was the one i found less interesting bc i really didn’t care about the city of castrima — that whole plot line just felt like a big distraction — and bc the character schaffa just makes me extremely uncomfortable

they’re all still some of my favorite books though

I peeked at 18:18, and you're still reading! And without errors afaik 😬
And the dogs are fast asleep lol

@StroomAfwaarts haha thank you! yeah i definitely lost a little lucidity later in the stream, but i was pretty proud of how well i held up 💪😅

thank you for stopping by

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