reddit was a website in the early 21st century which popularized the acronyms TIL (today i learned...) and AMA (ask me anything), and added nothing else of value to society

@red hey now, there's a LOT of value in knowing that there's a WHOLE WEBSITE full of people not to trust

@Ophillous haha, reddit as a thermometer telling us how sick the collective internet it

@red it did ok at hobbyist communities before Discord came along

@bulkington yeah but “did ok” in internet terms still means a cesspool of misogyny racism and bigotry

@red Very true. I think that was often a feature of the underlying communities and not the platform though. The internet has revealed a lot of toxicity that has been in nerd fandoms and hobbies going very far back.

@bulkington i think 99% of popular tech was made by loser nerds who couldn’t fathom the idea of a community without toxic nerd bullshit. so they just made platforms which were basically guaranteed to fester with it

i think in the not-too-distant future we’ll hold our tech to a higher standard and we won’t think “wow today’s standards are so high” we’ll think “wow the past standards were so low”

@red My prediction is more that we're going to move away from huge shared spaces (see Reddit being replaced by a bunch of distinct Discords in hobbyist communities) and that people who want a higher standard will have it and people who don't will still be able to be as terrible as ever.

@bulkington yeah i think that kinda fits with what i’m picturing. i think trolls aren’t happy with how things are currently either; i think people who harass others are often trying to get a different type of interaction, and they don’t know how to bring it about. i think if our communities were better designed, everyone on the internet (even shitty people) would have an overall higher quality experience, and maybe they’d be less inclined towards toxic behavior

@red I do genuinely like it popularizing /s as a sarcasm indicator, even if a lot of invocations of it suck because reddit sucks I do quite like having a simple, short and explicit marker for sarcasm because that's a thing that generally just does not carry with tone in text and having it is a massive relief for my dense tone-deaf ass

@amandag i am less fond of this one bc i fairly often see people making shitty statements, including a /s and just assuming everyone know what the /s means. i don’t think it has (or ever will) reach that level of cultural saturation, and will forever lead to horribly offensive remarks from people who didn’t intend them that way (from people who in fact intended the opposite)

like it’s great if you’re in a private conversation with a small group of people who you know first-hand know the meaning

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