abrosexuality, famously featured in Gears of War 5,,


i think the Gold Star Gay community is uncomfortable about abrosexuality bc it reminds them of all the homophobes who tried to convince them their identity is "just a phase". so like with bisexuality you see a lot of erasure coming from within the queer community

but abro erasure is apparently really powerful stuff bc many/most people have never even heard of it??

if a homophobe ever tries to use abrosexuality as a reason why your sexuality might be "just a phase", please tag me in

i will go to their house and rapidly fluctuate sexualities until they fall into a coma from all the loud noises and flashing lights

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the sun's out and it's a beautiful day. you know that that mean -- it's abro season!

slip on some sandals, grab a cooler of lemonade, and head to the beach! 😎 🌈 🌞 🏖️ 🥤 🌊 💅

better bring a few trashy romance novels in case your sexuality fluctuates unexpectedly 💁

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no one knows why the abro flag looks like a watermelon. but it's delightful and summer-y so everyone just goes with it

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the term abrosexual originates from old stage shows when performers would invite a 'random' audience member onto the stage and "abro kadabro" turn them gay

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the current abro flag is summer themed but, hear me out, we should have a different one for each season

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the abrosexual pride flag was featured in gear of war 5 though. iirc the game had pride flag options for capes your character could wear and they were just labeled “pride flag 1” through “pride flag 19”

i’m guessing either someone on the gear team actually was abro, or else the media intern whose job it was to research pride flags just found it and was like, “finally a sexuality just for bros”

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@Cyborgneticz ya i think partly just a relatively small percentage of people identify that way. but that plus the erasure makes it like one of the most Arcane identities that is actually fairly prevalent

@red Reading about it, it feels like something that's more common than people would think but there not really being a term until now

@red I meant this as that sexualities which can be wielded as weapons are cool not that abrosexuality is bad or weird

@red queer community stop erasing sexualities that they think the cisallohets will use as an excuse to invalidate us challenge

@red well heck i’ve never heard of this and i feel Seen once i read what it was thank you

@red I didn't know what abro was until I looked it up just now. That's how bad the erasure is, that I — a bi person who also experiences erasure from both straight and gay communities — didn't even know what it was!

I stand by my abro sibs! Attraction that changes frequently is :valid_lgbt: as hell!

The flag is delightful and now I want 🍉

@red i really need to learn to stop being like "isn't that just how everyone is???" when i find out new terms that i identify with

Your knowledge of etymology is amazing. @becauselangpod should invite you on their show as a guest ☺

@red i am, no joke, on my back deck soaking up the rays rn

it's mostly cloudy but idc i need that D

and browsing a few of the weird wikias on sexuality, as a refresher.

@red I learned a new sexuality!
Might try it on for size and see how it fits actually

@red yh I've never actually heard of it before at all! From online it says that it's when your sexuality is fluid and can change; but don't quite a lot of people experience gradual shifts/growth in their sedualities? What distinguishes it? Sorry if I'm bombarding with questions, don't feel obliged to answer.

@restioson i don't think there's a major difference. i think there are probably a lot of people who don't really think about abrosexuality but if they did they'd probably be like "oh yeah i relate to that". other people hear about it and go "really??"

@red I feel like gold stars(tm) don't know or don't care that late bloomers, formerly closeted people, and LGBTQ people with children get caught up in the crossfire.

It's another area where "teh discourse" strikes me as really out of touch.

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