people are like “why do you just let yourself pass as gay most of the time?” but how do you think it would go if i had to explain to every straight person that i’m bigender, abrosexual and usually bi/pan but i’ve been ace for about a year now

@red about as well as my explanations for what I did on the weekend would go.

@red wait, you mean you don't carry around a queer resume detailing your gender and sexuality and complete history of how you got to that point to hand out copies to anyone you meet? how else do you quickly bring every stranger up to speed on your whole entire life and personality??

@NormalPopsicle i should get one of those little laminated cards to hand to straight people so they’ll stop saying horribly awkward things to me

@red oh, I'm sure even then with the help they'd still find a way 😬

I do kinda love the idea that you're suppose to explain to every straight person in detail your whole deal, as if they didn't all only seconds ago start getting use to using the word "gay" respectfully instead of just as a slur' they barely understand the catch-all (that shouldn't have even become a catch all but that's just another sign they haven't even mastered crawling enough to go jogging with the rest of us) so I can't imagine expecting queer folks to give an entire university class rundown of queer theory to every cishet they meet to explain their identities lmao

@NormalPopsicle straight people are like “i know about all five gay identities, even the Q”

@red I'm proud to be an ally to the LGBTQA, Lesbian Gay Bicycle Trains Quinoa Allies, community! happy pride to my gay bffs out there, lets go shopping and get boba after corona!! 😊

@NormalPopsicle @red I always thought it was:

Lockpicks, Guns, Bicycles, Trains, Quarrels Association huh

@alexandria @red ummm, gross, that was really homophobic the thing you just say, the A clearly stands for Allies, not "Ass oceanton" or whatever, the work we Allies do for the other gays makes us basically the most important part of the community, you can't just erase us from that sweetea 💅

@NormalPopsicle @red I had a minor heart attack there bcos I thought you were talking about my other thread with the bi/pan/lesbian discourse lmfaooo

@alexandria @NormalPopsicle being gay was invented by straight allies in the 1960s to help the less fortunate bc straight people are just so kind and caring and compassionate and empathetic

@red @NormalPopsicle being trans was invented by eddie redmayne in the 1920s, who then froze himself so he could play the role now. and honestly? such dedication. method acting is amazing

@alexandria @NormalPopsicle ohhh he was frozen for a century, that explains the whole, y’know,, with his,,, *ahem*

@red @NormalPopsicle ok im stepping out of shitpost space for two seconds to ask what you mean by that

like i dont

i dont get the reference!

@alexandria @NormalPopsicle haha i didn’t really have a specific thing in mind. i just thought it would be a funny way to imply there’s something especially weird about him

@NormalPopsicle @red shouldn't that be the default assumption for "Jokes" on "Fediverse"

@alexandria @red Eddie Redmayne's bepis got frostburnt and now he can't use his bepis no more, lik if this makes you cry every time 😔

@alexandria @NormalPopsicle eddie redmayne is the only actor to be nominated for ‘best actor’ in the same year a ‘best supporting actor’ nomination went to his frozen bepis

@red @NormalPopsicle its true "method acting" because he lost his dick to play a women. inspireng

@red that's part of the reason I haven't come out to some people

It's like, I know this would take several hours to explain and you still wouldn't get it

So yeah I'm "gay or something"

@RadiantEmber i’m looking forward to wearing my new “she/her” earrings at work but i’m also expecting to get some seriously uncomfortable questions to which i’ll probably respond like “no i’m just extremely gay, like lv 27 gay”

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