words for my fellow white people (edited) 

I am racist. In my core. I struggle with it daily.

I have done very racist things to POC's faces and in private. I have supported racist systems and people. None of that is ok. I am not able to apologize or absolve myself of many of these things. I have to carry them with me.

I am not perfect, and I never will be. But I'm looking for concrete ways in which to make change and trying to do it more quietly and not be performative.

You are going to fuck up. You're going to hurt ppl. You have to embrace this fact. It's not ok to make POC do labor for you and be your personal confessional. It's not ok to cling tighter to your biases when called out.

White supremacy tells us that people are either good or bad, but that is a lie. Your worth is not determined by your mistakes. But you have to be willing to own them and commit to doing better.

Feel free to hit me up if you want to talk about white people bullshit.


words for my fellow white people (edited) 

@glitterwitch @hummingrain yeah some people seem to think the difference is “some people are racist and some aren’t” but i think a more accurate characterization is “some people reflect on their thoughts/actions and correct for underlying racist influences, while others don’t bother”

everyone is a product of their culture, and most cultures are deeply steeped in racism and racist power structures

being not racist is a literal skill to practice every day

words for my fellow white people (edited) 

@red @glitterwitch @hummingrain so much wisdom in this.

this is important and whole new perspective (for me). A perspective that is easily too often forgotten.

Thank you for these thoughts.

words for my fellow white people (edited) 

@luka @red @hummingrain I I should add: I've learned this by listening to people of color, especially Black and Indigenous femmes, and other white anti-racist activists. not original thoughts, but glad they presented a new perspective for you

words for my fellow white people (edited) 

@glitterwitch @luka @hummingrain oh yeah that's is a vital note

the only reason white people should ever talk about race is to encourage people to listen to more people of color

a white person claiming to be an independent expert on race probably more likely has a racist agenda ime

i didn't get that impression from this thread, but it's always important to keep in mind

words for my fellow white people (edited) 

@red @luka @hummingrain yes thank you. I regret that I didn't include that note in the original post. womp.

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