i was talking to my friend about what it means to be bisexual, and in the middle of the conversation they turn to our other friend and says "let's ask an actual bisexual person"

i've mentioned my bisexuality to my friend before on multiple occassions. it even became an in-joke in our friend group how i'm always showing off my tattoo in the colors of the bi/pan flags

but in that moment, they forgot?? and decided to treat our other friend as the "true" authority on bisexuality

"let's not invalidate the experiences of others" she said, invalidating my experiences

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@esvrld my friend had a crush on our other friend, and i think she was trying to white-knight for him. i just started yelling at both of them and then later she apologized

@red this reminds me of a time I was talking about transness and gender to a cis girl in class and a trans woman turns around to us and says something like “why are you guys talking right over me about gender, when you could be asking me?” As if she assumed there was no way I could be trans

@FirstProgenitor ugh that sucks. i feel bad for people like the woman who have maybe been kicked so many times they get super defensive about stuff like this. but it's still fucked up when their reflexes cause them to hurt those around them too, people who would want to be sympathetic

@red Oh, you just have to carry this card with you, as I do:

If they ever ask for "credentials" again, slap them in the face with it 💅


@red I have only used it a couple of times, but it has been glorious.

The expression on people's faces! 😂

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