where do people get the stems to make remixes and stuff

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@red sometimes the producer distributed them publicly, sometimes privately through connections, sometimes people just sample what they can

@dankwraith ah yeah, that makes sense. it'd be cool if more were readily available but i guess the internet can't really be trusted with nice things

@red there’s a newish ai system that extracts impressively high quality stems from an input mix. it’s called spleeter.

@red you can also subtract an acapella from the original to get an instrumental, sometimes, if theyre both high quality enough and from the same cut

sometimes you can also do stereo tricks if some stuff is panned center and other stuff isn't

@er1n @red yeah it’s not perfect, but that it works at all is amazing.

@zensaiyuki @er1n i tried it with a few random tracks, and it's basically what i was hoping for. i'm not talented enough to need cleanly separated tracks, just wanted to noodle around with some stuff

@red @zensaiyuki oh hell yeah! i've had mixed success and im glad it worked for u

@red @er1n yep. it maybe wouldn’t pass the muster of a professional sound engineer, but it’s perfect for just goofing around.

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