if you add these two filters it will get rid of every crosspost from birdsite, and make your fediverse experience instantly better by magnitudes (same settings for both)

@red also people who just cannot stop talking about the bullshit of the hour over there. like, I post here and not there for a reason fam!

@CornishRepublicanArmy ya i setup these filters specifically when the u.s. primaries were in full swing bc i guess some people were mistaking centrist/neolib bullshit for “good takes” and boosting way too many crossposts

@red oh, I filtered “RT” but these make way more sense, duh

@red that looks interesting! Without having dug into filters and ordering thereof, would it be possible to let through twitter forwards from certain accounts? It's not all shit, just most of it. :)

@doenietzomoeilijk i have no clue, sorry

and it's true that it's not all terrible, it's just terrible-by-volume on average. i'm sure some worthwhile stuff gets filtered out, but the upside is tremendous

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