things i’ve had explained to me on social media, by people replying to my posts:

- my own sexuality

- my own gender

- my own disability

- my own rape trauma

- my job and projects i personally worked on

- things i myself already said higher up in the thread

- things i never said but the person claims i said and has a long list of grievances about

- completely unrelated topics i never expressed even the slightest bit of interest in

- seahorses (this one was actually pretty enlightening)


did yall know that seahorses are actually really cool??? 😭 😭 😭

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@red sea horses are one of the animals that makes it apparent that sex is a social construct. who decided male/female is basically determined by "who makes the bigger gametes"

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace