it has come to my attention that many of our global neighbors don’t understand why leftists in the u.s. talk about voting for liberals

in the united states there are two mainstream parties. apart from smaller local offices about 99.6% of elected officials represent either the democrats (liberal/left) or the republicans (conservative/right)

in the past 20 years, third-party candidates have won governorships or u.s. senate/rep seats 11 times out of nearly 3000 elections

before the general elections, the two mainstream parties hold ‘primary’ elections to determine which candidates will represent them. in the example of the 2020 presidential race, leftist candidate bernie sanders ran against joe biden but ultimately lost. therefore if history is an indication, joe biden is the left-most candidate with even a sliver of a chance of winning the 2020 presidential election

when voters go to the polls in november they can vote for one (1) presidential candidate

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a lot of other countries have systems like preferential voting which allow for a greater diversity of candidates

i’m not certain exactly why the u.s. system still uses this weird, draconian voting method. if the u.s. were to change to a different voting method, those changes in laws would be enacted by politicians who currently far-overwhelmingly represent the interests of the two major parties

basically the democrats and the republicans hold a duopoly on all the major elections in the u.s.

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the democratic party is traditionally very liberal. most leftist angst in the u.s. electoral system stems from having to demonstrate solidarity with liberals to get democrats elected

leftists candidates do also win democratic primaries though. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib all currently hold seats in the house of representatives via democratic nomination

this month ed markey defeated u.s. royalty joe kennedy iii in the primary for a u.s. senate seat

@red I don't really understand the modern computer age. Even the process of talking seems far more baroque then when I was young and people took offence if you didn't give them the correct hierachical title. I don't mind getting blocked coz it seems to happen so often. But the last chap before they did so pointed out that Hilary was a fascist also a liberal or neoliberal sometimes called libertarian. So maybe you should define what liberal means these days in amurka. I never found out what Trump

@red Trump was because I got blocked. I don't think it's as simple as people don't understand a two party system. They don't seem to agree on what the choice is between or whether they wish to be part of the system anymore. And it's like asking people to change their religion. They aren't going to be convinced by reasonable arguments or even be interested is such a conversation. I'd love to read something explaining the modern world before it changes the rulz again.

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