i love charitable causes but the thing that bothers me is, the people who *should* be donating are never the ones who do. i wish there was a universal system for mandatory donations from *everyone* based on their wealth/income levels,,,

@red This is genius! Such a brilliant innovation should have a special name, something short, but punchy

....we could call it, "TAX"!

@Kruku @red let's take most of it and give it to an organization that mostly goes and kills people in other countries

@red @imani Probably about the same time the Left retired Mme Guillotine ^^

@Kruku @red are you saying we don't need to raise taxes we need to lower blades?

@imani @red I'm suggesting that the people in charge of deciding who gets to pay tax and who gets to benefit
from a taxation system are no different from the aristocrats that brought down the wrath of 18C French workers down upon their unworthy heads.

@imani @red Perhaps we should also sack all such fund managers that are filling their own pockets from said fund.

@Kruku @imani in the original toot i almost wrote “charities” but the money going to a lot of charities doesn’t end up helping charitable causes

@red Well, there are taxes. But that's not really the same thing. 😋

@Ertain imagine if taxes went toward things that are good (instead of like wars and police) haha

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