i wish terfs would spend less time shouting at trans people and more time preventing atrocities like this from happening

cw: genocide, forced sterilization of ethnic minorities

@red Does that mean we should not call out Harry Potter for writing her new novel on a transvestite killer because genocide maybe going on somewhere and unless it's genocide nothing else matters or we can but must then call out genocide wherever and whenever occuring many more times in other posts? Or is it something else entirely you are asking for


harry potter spends all her time sobbing about how trans people are "harming their bodies" meanwhile butchers are involuntarily sterilizing women en masse

if harry potter actually cared about peoples' bodies,,,

@red I don't understand rich white folk. If they really want to do that why can't they get their PR/Manager/Agent to come up with another pretend name while slipping the real name at the club to the publishing house so it still gets published maybe in Albania written in Albanian then let a marketing company look at the figures. Or toot instead of tweet then nobody would notice.

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