most copyleft licenses prevent you from limiting reuse. if you develop a fork of mastodon, for example, you can’t add a “no nazis” license restriction. nazis are legally guaranteed the right to take your work and reuse it for their own ends

this is why i’m adding a spiritual contract to all of my projects — by reusing or creating derivative works, you declare a permanent and irrevocable soul bond to the ideals trans rights are human rights, black lives matter, land belongs to native peoples,…

the phrasing of the gnu affero license states “you may not impose any further restrictions” to use/reuse

but a soul bond isn’t a restriction, it’s simply a major indelible fixture to your spiritual essence, eternal and unchanging, a part of the very fabric of your being

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@red I really like this, especially given Google's explicit don't touch AGPL at all costs. Adding a soul bond really highlights their position on "not being evil"

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