institutional racism 

one time at an old job i was responsible for choosing which project got highlighted in some promotional videos. naturally i chose a developer whose project would showcase the best and who'd give the best interview. the dev happened to be one of the only PoC at an extremely white institution

i later found out the media team went behind my back and roped in an additional dev who'd contributed relatively less to the project, and turned the promo into a white savior narrative

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i was thinking about this again today for some reason, and trying to pinpoint why i was so furious with the media team (apart from the obvious reasons)

i think it's bc advertising is the only form of media people in this country are guaranteed to see

advertising is shoved in peoples' faces, generally against peoples' specific interests. so when adverts carry toxic messages, it's a very aggressive form of media pollution

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combine that with a "our target group can't process a succesful [poc, woman, native, muslim], so this will make our ad less effective". (puke)


institution: **puts whiteness first and foremost in everything**

same institution: why are our diversity initiatives not working?

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