gender labels (adjectives) used uncomfortably as nouns, screenshots of a dating app clearly made by awkward cis people 

what’s up my transgenders, happy pride :flag_transgender: :flag_genderqueer: :flag_nonbinary: :flag_agender: :flag_pride:

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:moonholiday: if you and your partner(s) want to get fedi-married, which is a totally real thing we just made up, let me know and i'd be happy to ordain your ceremony

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i know what it’s /supposed/ to say, but i can’t read it as other than “no wh*ring”. like don’t tell me how to live

crisis averted, i found the last bike on the planet and she's beautiful

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i am a homeful person once again. we found a spot in the portland area with a huuuuuge beautiful backyard for the pups to run around in. personally i was hoping to be closer to the city but the pups outvoted me

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i’m looking for a room somewhere on the west coast, preferably north CA or OR, somewhere with good public transport/bikeability

about me:
💎 great credit / financial stability
🏆 strong recommendations from past property managers
🐶 two of the sweetest dogs on the planet
📚 quiet, nerdy, but also friendly and sociable

hoping to keep rent/util under $800/mo but flexible. places with fenced yards or near dog parks a huge plus!

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this street sweeper slowly puttered past with it’s big brushes spinning and then just parked on the side of the road. (we’re in the middle of the woods at a pull-off where people park to go fishing)

20 mins later this truck comes zooming up with it’s sign flashing, and idk why but it cracked me up so hard, like

sweeper: bro i’m sweeping but no one’s paying attention to me
sign guy: bro i got you i’m 20 mins away

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so wyoming just has these signs everywhere huh. what a great rest stop, i feel so at ease

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it’s only respect women juice if it’s from the women’s rights region of new york, otherwise it’s just sparkling feminade

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pea bed pt ii

we’re building a tent, and we’re going to wrap twine around the outside, except for the entrance, so the pea vines can grow up and form the walls of the tent

my host’s niece who has asperger’s is coming to visit later in the summer, and she’s going to surprise her with a pea tent fort of her very own

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starting to miss manchester now that the weather’s getting nicer and it’s nearly prime season to visit the city’s #1 outdoor destination, public sand

look at this diva getting ready to make her nightly appearance 🌝

that’s not the sun, that’s the moon shining so brightly she’s visible behind the clouds in the evening sky

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ok last for tonight

i appreciate the positivity from everyone. music has been such a fascination but i’ve never really put myself to make it before. thank you all for the encouragement

here’s whatsthebigidea (free for reuse)

by popular demand (the last one got one entire fav, shout out to all my fans ✌️✌️) here is some more

affectionately titled ‘crickets’, also free for reuse

haha ok ok, here is the only one i like so far. you’re welcome to use it for whatever. if you post/upload something you make with it please let me know 👏🎵🌈

i’ll tag this junk so people can mute if they want

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace