if you add these two filters it will get rid of every crosspost from birdsite, and make your fediverse experience instantly better by magnitudes (same settings for both)

the sun's out and it's a beautiful day. you know that that mean -- it's abro season!

slip on some sandals, grab a cooler of lemonade, and head to the beach! 😎 🌈 🌞 🏖️ 🥤 🌊 💅

better bring a few trashy romance novels in case your sexuality fluctuates unexpectedly 💁

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can anyone recommend a shop that sells stud earrings with 'she/her', 'they/them' or other genderqueer themes?

they don't have to be like these ones, they just can't be dangly earrings bc i work with food and health safety regulations

i'd love to support QTPoC creators, but all suggestions are welcome

thanks :flag_pride: 🌈

outtakes: i tried making it look like i was sitting on some flowers, haha idk 😅🧚🌷

cw selfie ec

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someone pointed this out to me and i can't stop thinking about it. the wikipedia page for Pose gives top-billing to three white cis actors who had relatively minor roles

people have tried to fix it but it's Against the Rules™ of wikipedia

me: i want to read a book
ai dungeon: clearly you're trying to interrogate the gay wizard about his sexual history

unfortunately i have to drop the review score down to negative two out of five horny gay wizards on account of this homophobia

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace