Colorado on path to ban trans panic defense 

@00dani i tuned in late but mostly they've just been dissing each other

i wish the candidates at the debate would preface their statements with "cw meta"

There are folks who view Black people as bigger gatekeepers than White people.

Thats a fucking problem. Nobody Black is saddling you with SL debt. Nobody Black is making home ownership a pipe dream. Nobody Black is destroying what social safety net there is in America.

But your "they won't let me in their tree house :very_sad: " butthurt is clearly the bigger issue here.

Which tells anybody all they need to kno tbh.

this is the best painting with a cat in it that i have ever seen 🖤🖤🖤
(by renoir, ec in full image)

i don’t care Why ur rude

just apologize and/or pay me thanks

@citrustwee @CornishRepublicanArmy oh yeah right. and i think she’s supposed to be squinting but she just looks super baked

This is a commission! I didn't draw it! Also, CW for vore! 

can't believe y'all use computers for shit other than making memes and watching bad movies. y'all really live like this??

Rich people's obnoxious houses are bad enough, but then they have sprawling estates too like they just have to take up soooo much space. And that's the problem with manse spreading.

@checkervest ya i do everything i can to make her happy and comfortable, but she reacts so unpredictably at times it’s hard to know if i’m doing the right things. fortunately my pups haven’t really had behavioral problems, so i lucked out hard with that

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace