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i'm 75% girlfriend material and 25% boyfriend material

i’m looking for a room somewhere on the west coast, preferably north CA or OR, somewhere with good public transport/bikeability

about me:
💎 great credit / financial stability
🏆 strong recommendations from past property managers
🐶 two of the sweetest dogs on the planet
📚 quiet, nerdy, but also friendly and sociable

hoping to keep rent/util under $800/mo but flexible. places with fenced yards or near dog parks a huge plus!

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COVID, climate, - 

So I guess this is a preview about how the ruling classes are going to handle climate change.

Sacrifice the most vulnerable/important essential folks to prop up the economy as long as possible, withhold healthcare and disability benefits, and go hide in luxury accommodations while funding a corporate propaganda machine.

@red tbh i'm just the most impressed with the backwards cap gesturing thing... that is galaxy brain self-awareness

@red well. the good news is there might be antifa around who can help you out if need be 😂

omgggg i just went to look at a room and when i mentioned i was new to the area one of the other tenants spontaneously warned me to “watch out for antifa” bc they’re supposedly very violent and will throw bricks at anyone, then later in the conversation he said a lot of people assume he’s racist just bc he has “this flag” on his hat as he gestured to the cap he had on backwards. honestly i didn’t stick around long enough to see what flag it was, but i have a few guesses. wowwww

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i feel like if life was a video game mine would be one of those save games that's not exactly corrupted but you forgot to get the widget that opens the thrubbus and managed to kill the merchant that sold it when you were actually trying to open the menu, and also your character is on a hillside between a rock and a tree and can't move, and it is perhaps conceivable that there is a way out but it's not through ordinary means

i’ve been living out of a truck for the past week and, apart from the background anxiety of doing so in a violently capitalist and anti-homeless country, it’s been pretty great actually

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sometimes i’ll feed my pups pieces of kibble by hand, and even though it’s the same kibble in their bowl all day every day, they get so excited. sesame june sits perfectly still with perfect posture and stares intently; nutmeg gets a big goofy grin on her face and does her corgi dance picking up her little front paws left-right-left-right

this street sweeper slowly puttered past with it’s big brushes spinning and then just parked on the side of the road. (we’re in the middle of the woods at a pull-off where people park to go fishing)

20 mins later this truck comes zooming up with it’s sign flashing, and idk why but it cracked me up so hard, like

sweeper: bro i’m sweeping but no one’s paying attention to me
sign guy: bro i got you i’m 20 mins away

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the capitalist presumes solvency, but the final creditor, the planet they forgot, it always collects.

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can we hasten the end of this empire i've got things to do

why does every craigslist post for tech items inevitably have something like "or will trade for working dirtbike" on it

is there potential for dirtbike to gaming PC arbitrage

the ghost of alan turing would like to remind you all that using a computer makes you gay

look to your left. now look to your right. if all you see are jicks, that means *you’re* the stephen malkmus

no YOU”RE downloading podcasts off the mcdonald’s wifi from the parking lot without buying anything

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace