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Another JK Rowling meltdown 

"Unbelievable: Stephen King retweeted one of JKR’s tweets today. She got so excited that a single celebrity finally backed up her views with a mere RT that she wrote a whole thank you

King then said “trans women are women” and JKR deleted her praise."

no one knows why the abro flag looks like a watermelon. but it's delightful and summer-y so everyone just goes with it

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the sun's out and it's a beautiful day. you know that that mean -- it's abro season!

slip on some sandals, grab a cooler of lemonade, and head to the beach! 😎 🌈 🌞 🏖️ 🥤 🌊 💅

better bring a few trashy romance novels in case your sexuality fluctuates unexpectedly 💁

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@red queer community stop erasing sexualities that they think the cisallohets will use as an excuse to invalidate us challenge

if a homophobe ever tries to use abrosexuality as a reason why your sexuality might be "just a phase", please tag me in

i will go to their house and rapidly fluctuate sexualities until they fall into a coma from all the loud noises and flashing lights

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i think the Gold Star Gay community is uncomfortable about abrosexuality bc it reminds them of all the homophobes who tried to convince them their identity is "just a phase". so like with bisexuality you see a lot of erasure coming from within the queer community

but abro erasure is apparently really powerful stuff bc many/most people have never even heard of it??

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abrosexuality, famously featured in Gears of War 5,,

look at this little frog dude with his whole ass out that I bought today

phyiscally unable to stop thinking about ancient dog figurine

while in my opinion the most faithful translation of femminiello is "bigender", the most literal translation would probably be femboy

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starting a gender consulting business for people without a third gender tradition

pay me, a licensed femminiello of neapolitan descent, and i will [services tbd]

It’s Not Appropriation, It’s Italian™

thoughts on image descriptions 

- some people need them to get any value out of your image

- some people find them extremely helpful to provide context for the subject/content/point you're making

- it's an opportunity to be creative, you can have fun with them while also being informative

- there's been an odd exception, but in general i don't boost images without descriptions, and i know i'm not the only person with that policy

in summation: use image descriptions

I remember a graphic like this (recreated) but I can't remember where I found it and googling has failed.

Anyway I feel like it's a useful thing to have to explain to people how to be, like, the very least bit politically strategic. You can't just oppose everyone who's not you and expect to have any success.

reddit was a website in the early 21st century which popularized the acronyms TIL (today i learned...) and AMA (ask me anything), and added nothing else of value to society

eye contact, pet dog, breaking quarantine 

went to the beach this weekend. we wore masks and stayed really far from people tho. also, i found one of the chicken tender rocks in a display lol

i feel so good after this. we did yoga and cartwheels and stuff all over the beach, and i really needed it. i'm so depressed stuck at home

food, recipe 

eat this with your face:

sunflower kernels
sesame seeds
dried cranberries
shredded coconut
brown sugar

i usually do two parts oatmeal one part trail mix. the trail mix being a roughly even mixture of ingredients. brown sugar and cinnamon to taste. prepare the oatmeal just like you normally would then dump the rest in at the end and stir

all of these ingredients you can probably find for ~$3/lb or less, and they’re all nutrient- and calorie-dense

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace