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*Mastodon, laying out its finest, cleanest "Nothing valued is here" welcome mat for new arrivals*

ok mastodon, we blew the last... five (???) twitter mass migrations. this time are we gonna be patient and helpful with the horrible new clowns who don't know how to fuckin behave?

hizorher cultists worship the demon hiorshi and wage war against the peaceful theigher monks who guard the divine angel theigh

I used Pincelate (a machine learning model of phonetics and spelling I've been working on) to name the deadly sins in between the other deadly sins


cis ppl: Is [character] a boy or girl???

creator: no

cis ppl: >:O fine I'll just decide 4 u

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Okay here’s an opinion. Markov bots should have a CW on every toot they make, that reads “output of markov bot” or similar. Because when they get boosted onto my timeline with no CW I’m left stressing out trying to work out why I don’t comprehend what this person is saying, until eventually I work out it was a bot and I wasted that energy because it was meaningless. Can y’all see why an autistic person would find text that looks like real language but doesn’t make sense a trigger and a drain of energy? And that it’s a valid position to not want to waste my time reading words recycled by an unthinking computer script even if other people find them hilarious?
Even putting “bot” or “ebooks” in the display name isn’t good enough because people do that too as a joke! But it’s more ableist than it is funny.

My Hot Orc Wife Can't Possibly Be This Gender Affirming (Page 11 & 12) (There's nipples in these)) 

look inside and discover the wife was inside you all along

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to activate your Felony subscription, please commit one (1) crime

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Luna says it's time to

stop policing non-binary identities and what you think as valid and "real," and just mind ya bidness

@red occasionally you can have the luck of voting for someone that is more than basically not-a-threat, but in such case, they will be horribly impeded of acting on their ideas because politics is a "team sport" and you get nowhere acting alone in there.
Weirdly enough, sometimes even though everything points on the other direction, some things turn out right through electoral politics, frequently when nobody really tried to do it that way.

if biden and trump are equally bad then it would be equally accelerationist to get either of them elected, checkmate “leftists”

Flushing all my illegal genders down the toilet while the gender cops try to burst down my door. They won't take me alive dammit

For the past 20 minutes someone has been trying to run a DDoS attack on host servers.

The traffic is being syphoned to avoid a full disruption of service. Meaning that each connection needs to be filtered before reaching the server. So, it is possible that some users may experiencing some connection delays.

Sorry about that. I will let you know if I have more information.

A coop owned patreon alternative with only 2.5 percent fee. Might be of interest ro @rek and @neauoire, and to everyone really

"i don't want trump to get reelected, i'm just coincidentally deadset on bringing about the conditions by which he will definitely get reelected"

- leftists???

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a lot of people seem to think that voting is about liking a candidate, which,,, that’s a lovely notion

as an analogy, it would be splendid if voting were like going to a showcase and choosing which of two luxury sofa sectionals should magically appear in your den when you got home

no, voting is about choosing which box of calamitous flatpacked mess of ikea parts you think will be less likely to kill you or innocent bystanders while you struggle to assemble it yourself with a flimsy alan wrench

I'm going to do it I'm gonna post a profile selfie 

the trend in Brazilian insta is women inviting others to post a solo b&w picture to celebrate sisterhood & freedom from beauty standards.

when a friend invited me I knew I wanted to post something more daring than a nude or a no makeup no filter shot etc. I'm tired of always using the same passability-maximizing 3~4 angles. I've grown secure enough in my womanhood to be unafraid of my face in profile. It's the cis who are wrong, not my face.

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace