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sometimes it's fun to laugh at the ridiculous behavior of dogs, but what must they think of us? incapable of holding a tennis ball for more than a few moments without accidentally throwing it across the yard, silly humans

if you can't read all the text it says "blue lives matter & false narratives: law enforcement is not a social identity equivalent to race"

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i can't stop rewatching this and just cackling at the 😮 face at 0:12s 😂 😂 🤣

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is there an open source/ethical version of 'alexa'? i don't care about the internet-of-things connectivity aspect, i'm just interested in the speech/narration-based interface

i want to design an app you can operate entirely screenlessly, which i realized is basically an alexa app. but frankly i would rather not develop for an amazon platform (to put it politely)

i'm particularly interested to hear about ones people have used themselves, or have heard first-hand recommendations from friends 🙏 🙏

the fedi equivalent of a ‘centrist’ is when you fully support anarcho-communism but also vote for liberal candidates when there aren’t any leftists on the ballot

‘genderous’ is a portmanteau of ‘gender’ and

festive beverages (alc) 

if you're looking for a tasty drink to celebrate the current apocalypse, consider:

apple cider + cinnamon whisky

it's called a burning orchard. and it may be in bad taste, but it's delicious 🌳 🔥 🍻

also, not everyone's voices are heard equally

so if you're in a position to devote some energy towards helping others, take the time to understand the needs of those most marginalized or underserved by the status quo. amplify their voices as much as possible

i feel like i'm just spouting maxims at this point, but i guess it's all the sort of stuff that bears repeating

let's take another musical break:

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i guess the way to avoid situations like that is to,,, listen to people and believe people when they tell you what they need

don't try to convince people their needs are unreasonable or unimportant. you could be spending the same amount of time and energy talking to them about how to address those needs

and not to sound like a broken record, but just like stop and think about it for a minute??? it's kind of intuitive when you think about it

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tbh it's not totally clear what needs to be said about this topic bc, again, when you step back and think about it, it's all pretty commonly sensible

i think sometimes a tragic desperation for solidarity could possibly compel people into an misguided deathhug, whereby they accidentally inflict more harm than good

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inclusivity doesn't mean forcing everyone into one thing

in the face of conflicting needs from various parties, inclusivity necessarily means making enough space for everyone to feel supported and accommodated

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if you have fresh-water fish and salt-water fish, inclusivity doesn't mean pouring both groups of fish into the same tank and making the water brackish

that's animal abuse

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this is my one significant contribution to human civilization. i will now go wrap myself up into a cocoon and warp to another planet

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wait hold on wait

wait how about

what if it was...


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cis people spouting takes like “trans genders are a recent innovation” and i think it’s bc even a lot of a trans people grew up not knowing much about trans identities

but just bc trans kids have been exposed to the same cisnormative brainwashing as everyone else doesn’t mean trans identities are new. it just means every generation of trans folk has had to break free independently and bootstrap their own deprogramming

like it’s good we’re breaking the cycle but let’s not erase the history

sometimes i can't help feel defeated about the projects i'm working on bc there are so many problems i can't solve

i have to stop and ask myself, "is this project better for marginalized people than what's currently available? is this worse for overprivileged folk?"

as long as those boxes are checked, i can usually muster the motivation to press forward. so many platforms are basically just privilege amplifiers, i'm even more tired of that garbage than i am depressed

she's actually a very good jumper. when she tries she can jump up over the back of the couch (from the ground), which she also does fairly often for no discernible reason

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace