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what are examples of jobs where you don't keep a domestic residence, you're just always traveling or somewhere else

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i wanna do something absurd like get a job on a cruise ship


i'm not feeling suicidal right now, just empty. i have nothing left keeping me here

i haven’t been as active lately. but if i ever go more than a couple weeks without posting it means i am fully dead irl like r.i.p. me

algorithms designed to maximize interactions and keep people glued to their screens, those algorithms don’t understand the /subtle/ difference between people connecting over a shared bond versus people exploiting others’ vulnerability for laughs and anger fuel

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i’ve gotten in the habit of leisurely scrolling through tiktok while i eat breakfast, and i hadn’t thought about it much until yesterday but

the algorithm that builds the “for you” page (a curated list of recommended videos) basically commits the online equivalent of human trafficking? if the algorithm detects that a neurodivergent queer person (for example) will get more interactions from getting harassed by a far-right hate mob, the algorithm will eagerly sacrifice the queer person to the mob


democrats: **takes the high road**

everyone: you’ll never get anything accomplished unless you fight as dirty as the republicans

democrats: 🤔🤔🤔 ok what if we did this one thing

everyone: that’s reprehensible now you’re literally equally as bad as the republicans for suggesting you would even consider doing that thing

democrats: **takes the high road**

everyone: you’ll never get anything accomplished unless...

if i have to give them up, i’m going to constantly worry they’ve ended up with someone who’s secretly a bad person and doesn’t love them enough. it’s going to torture me

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i think the most crushing part is knowing that i *could* keep them, but that might involve periods of homelessness (like before i found my current place). and the only reason to put them through that would be my own selfish attachment to them. but they deserve better than that

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when i adopted them they were each newly rescued from truly awful conditions. they were both nervous wrecks, and had a lot of unfortunate behavioral issues. it’s taken years but they’ve both managed to overcome their past trauma almost entirely. now they’re just the sweetest little angels. and they’re both still young, so i’m guessing they’d find a new home in no time

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my landlord has been harassing me lately with the threat of ending my lease (it’s month-to-month). it’s difficult to find a place that accepts tenants with a dog and it’s practically impossible to find a place that accepts tenants with multiple dogs

i looked up shelters in the area and found one that adopts out pairs of bonded animals. so if i do have to give them up at least they can stay together

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i might have to give up my dogs for adoption and it’s breaking my heart

lumping everyone who isn’t a binary man or woman into the ‘non-conforming’ category has big “i read the first two bullets on a listicle and now consider myself an expert on the topic” energy

for the first day of the challenge i’ve decided to start off easy and choose nonbinary :flag_nonbinary:

in the united states there’s an old tradition where, on tuesday, the supreme court will emerge from their burrows, and if the majority of them see their shadow that will herald four more years of fascism

taiwan hasn’t had a recorded case in 200 days so y’know what they had instead?


thank you taiwan for keeping 2020 gay

yeah i’ve got bi gdick energy,,, 

bisexual girldick energy

“why are only several of your nails cut short”

for fingering


oh um **reaches into bag and cautiously withdraws a ukulele**

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moon holiday

every day is a moon holiday when you're living in fully-automated luxury gay space communism. lets dance to honor our lesbian aunt the moon under the silver glow of her justice and grace