Petition to use "lesbian" in place of "transbian" as even though the latter is much more fun to say, trans is implied. We will instead use "cisbian" when referring to cis lesbians, which sounds dumb but will make terfs fucking furious

@runascesya You lost me at "in place of transbian" but I kept going and you won me back by the end

Better emotional arc than some TV I've watched 10/10

@runascesya i would also like to propose we stop calling them TERFs, cuz at least the R and F are a lie.

instead we should be saying, "why you mad, cis?!"

@meena @runascesya that’s the approach i’ve been taking with them in person (like at a public library protest last year when m. murphy was invited to speak)

i refer to them as “CRAs” — cis rights activists — and also shouted, “GO HOME, CIS [PPL]”

@meena @runascesya

I've seen some french folks start to reclaim the R and F, it's a good idea imo

(somewhat related, but I find hilarious that the french terf cult who translate english material for their propaganda call their blog tradfem, blissfully unaware that it's literally the word anglosaxon women nazis use to describe themselves)

@emptyfortress @runascesya the overlap between right wing ideology and TERFs is pretty high, otoh, the overlap between feminism and tradfems is near non-existent

not even Liberal White feminism!

come to think of it, traditional feminism could best be classified as Marxist 😹

@meena @runascesya

just to add to the ideological confusion this particular group of french terfs seem to come from ecofeminism, but from what I've seen of their posts their brand of political ecology is full of ecofascist-adjacent takes

@runascesya cisbian sounds too much like thespian in a noisy room

@runascesya I am not a terf but i am a transgender FTM I disagree with using that name. Just say cis lesbians or trans lesbians it is more polite no need to anger fellow lesbians that are not terfs. Because once a upon a time i did consider myself a lesbian and would not like that name.

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