"This is military grade"
-what does that even mean
-aircraft carriers are running Win98 so clearly lots of things are "military grade"
-If the US government said eating plutonium was bad I would Google it just to be super sure

"Some furry gave us 5 stars on their blog"
-A clear indicator of quality
-Furries make the internet go, an authority on technology
-Furries typically aren't feds
-I trust anyone 4chan hates
-idk they're fuzzy or something

@runascesya Another one I like is aircraft-grade aluminum.

Or, as it's more commonly called:


The more you know 

@witchfynder_finder @runascesya This one might be even worse than you think. Aircraft typically use a set of aluminium alloys which fit the very specific needs of aircrafts but I have a hard time seeing a use for elsewhere (for example they happily corrode much faster than normal aluminium unless coated with some very carcinogenic anti-corrosives). So "aircraft grade aluminium" actually DOES mean something specific, just not... At all what ppl try to convey when they say that.

@runascesya Military grade generally means "the cheapest shit we can legally sell to people who can't complain because they're temporarily not legally people".

@anadice @runascesya Sometimes those are good. Sometimes they're extremely bad. Most of the time they're extremely meh.

@SporkyDorky @runascesya Maybe. My experience has been that it'll either disintigrate in its first use and is effectively disposable, or it can survive a LAPES drop where the parachute didn't deploy.

@runascesya "bank grade encryption" and "quantum leap" are both terms that sound really big and exciting but they're actually tiny

@runascesya in the case of encryption at least "military grade" means that someone in a suit thought a big number sounded nice and therefore forced people to use an inferior key schedule for no discernible reason .-.

@runascesya "Military grade" is just marketing for "lowest-bidder quality"

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